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Doug Frati, A Maine Artist


Doug Frati was born in Waterville Maine in 1954. A graduate from the Portland School of Art in 1983, his work was included in the permanent collection of The Portland Museum of Art in 1985. His artwork has been shown throughout the state for more than 30 years in multiple galleries and shows. His work is included in many collections, both private and public.

Frati’s current work is a direct reflection of where and how he lives. Many of his carvings are made of old wood salvaged from antique objects, broken and lost to barns and attics. History becomes an element for creating a new work of art. Layered time adds weight and depth, driving iconic imagery. This work brings to, and brings out, something in the viewer that is real and solid. Something old and new at the same time.

Working as a farmer and artist, Doug Frati lives in Palmyra, Maine on his family homestead, Stiffneck Farm. A dusted off old barn that once held animals and hay now serves as a studio. It’s where the voodoo happens!

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