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Steve Anderson, rustic garden sculptor and yard art


Steve Anderson
The Anvil and Needle
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I've always loved the Moosehead Region and getting to showcase my work there is really exciting. I focus on Found Object Sculpture creating everything from cute animals to abstract work. I have been slowly but surely including artist blacksmithing into my work as well. I enjoy creating Garden sculpture, yard art and other useful art for homes and camps.

I've been working with metal for years, originally acquiring welding skills at technical school in the late 70's where I earned a degree in automotive and heavy equipment mechanics. I didn't use that much, but have always returned to metalworking in one way or another over the intervening years.

Creating found object art is a natural outcome of my habit to squirrel things away. I now am the proud owner of a big old pile of scrap metal. Friends are always bringing me things knowing I'll be able to use it somehow.

Sometimes an object will tell me just what it wants to be in its re-incarnation as a piece of art, other times I've got to struggle with it when I have a feeling that there's got to be something I can do with an interesting piece of junk.

What still amazes me after working with metal all these years is just how plastic it is when it's heated to a bright orange or yellow heat. I'm slowly moving into more forging and blacksmith work on small pieces with an antique portable farm forge I've acquired.

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For more pictures of Steve's work, please his: Etsy Shop - The Anvil and Needle


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