Moosehead FAMily Village Farmers Market

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Moosehead FAMily Village Farmers Market. We are excited to expand upon the Artisan Cottages Program that has been in operation for the past four summers.

The Farmers Market will run Friday Afternoons 3- 6 pm June 25 - October.

We focus on offering local food, products and services that meet the high standards of our customer base. Every vendor is carefully screened to be sure that you meet our high standards.


You may DOWNLOAD APPLICATION and mail your completed application and your $25 application fee (by check or cashier's check payable to MLREDC) to:
Artisan Village Coordinator
P.O. Box 223
Greenville, ME 04441.


We accept vendors who produce locally grown food including vegetables & fruits, plants & seedlings, responsibly raised animal products, milks & cheeses, eggs, unique & handmade products, coffee, tea, spices, tinctures, lotions & soaps, bakery and ready to eat foods. At least 75% of your offerings need to be created, raised, grown or made by you.

Season Schedule & Rates

15 week. July 1 - October 7 $155

10 week. July 1 - September 2 $ 100

Day table Rate. $25 per day

Day tables are available for those vendors looking to sell their goods for some or part of the season.

We welcome the variety that day table vendors offer. We accept day table applications at any time of the year and will discuss scheduling with you based on a number of factors. Schedules and availability should be planned/ checked in advance as we limit the number of day tables per market day.

Generally, all decisions about new vendors are made by February of the market year. New vendors are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible. If space is still available after the deadline we will continue to accept applications for members or day tables throughout the season.

Market Day

Attendance and timeliness are key to a successful market. We expect you to arrive no later than 60 minutes before the market start to give yourself time to set up and be ready to sell on time. This also allows for all vendors the ability to drive near their booths for set up and then remove vehicles from the market area during market hours of operation. Arriving on time keeps our market professional and mitigates safety issues. If you do not arrive at the market within at least 60 minutes of opening you may be reassigned to another spot and will be placed wherever there is a spot available based on traffic, safety and vendor attendance.

If you are going to be late , you need to inform the market manager no later than 1PM on market day. If you are late or fail to effectively communicate more than 3 times during the season you may be reassigned to another permanent spot for the remainder of the season.

You are not permitted to sell outside of official market hours. No browsing or pre-shopping will be permitted. It is your responsibility to inform customers that for safety reasons and to allow other vendors to continue to set up or breakdown unencumbered, this rule is in place. If customers have prepaid you and are only picking up their purchase before or after market hours we request that you conduct that transaction outside of the market shopping area so other vendors can set up or breakdown unencumbered.

All vendors are expected to stay for the duration of the market day regardless if they have product to sell.


Booth size is approximately 10’ x 10’. There is an option for members to purchase an additional adjacent 10’x10’ space.

We are a rain or shine market and you need to plan for an eventual rainy day. In the event of a dangerous storm the onsite market coordinator can decide to end the market early or cancel ahead if the weather could create safety issues.

While we don’t require them we highly recommend you have a tent. The summer season has days of bright hot sun and for the comfort of yourself, your products and your customers you should invest in one. You are required to weigh down your booth apparatus to prevent safety issues.

The onsite market coordinator will assign you a spot for the entire season. They work to create a cohesive plan that works for customers and vendors. You may express specific needs so they can plan appropriately. Typically, you will not move your spot during the season unless necessary to optimize traffic flow.

Electricity is not provided.

There is a bathroom facility on site for vendors and customers.

Other items you may need to successfully run your business at the market:

• Folding table(s).
• Tool kit with tape, index cards, markers, scissors, elastics, bungees and a first aid kit.
• A battery-operated scale.
• Calculator, pens, pencils, notebook, receipt book, brochures, business cards
• Ability to collect multiple payment forms. Due to technological advances, customers now have expectations to pay via credit or debit card.
• Cash box to provide change.
• Plates, napkins and/or utensils.
• Trash container.
• Signage for your business and/or products with clear pricing.
• Chair
• Raincoat


This being our first year attendance on each market day is crucial!!

Consistency builds sales and customers demand it. By attending markets with specific frequency you build customer loyalty. And Customer loyalty boosts sales!!

For members, we expect you to attend each market. While personal events and emergencies happen, it is expected that you communication effectively with the market manager about any absences.

If you are going to be absent you need to inform the market manager no later than Thursday at 10:00 am.

Licenses Required

All vendors, regardless of type, must be licensed as a mobile vendor by the State of Maine. Vendors selling prepared food or food-related products are subject and responsible for additional licensing and permits. There may be other permits and licenses you will need to conduct your business in Maine.

All vendors must carry general liability insurance that specifically names the Moosehead FAMily Village and specific towns and/or locations as covered entities. If accepted, you will receive specific info for what your Certificate of Insurance (COI) should contain. (May also need to name MLREDC)

The Moosehead FAMily Village farmers market is governed by a volunteer group working for the Moosehead Lake Economic Development Corporation.


MLREDC Artisan Village Coordinator
PO BOX 223

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